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International aid project developed by Argentine patriots to assist in emergencies people who have less and who cannot even afford a clinical analysis to find out what they are sick with.


This type of situation always existed, but today, faced with the economic breakdown, thousands of families in our countries have been left helpless, facing the minimum payment of a treatment.

A group of patriots, of faultless conduct, ethical and honest wants to collaborate and we need the collaboration of all who in their time can be benefited.

Anyone in moments of desolation in the face of a medical examination that is beyond the family's financial capacity may be chosen to receive financial aid for that purpose. The members of this support group are health professionals and will know how to assess the need at a professional level, not needing competent help from the place, country or medical company that is requesting it.

This need for isolated and economically pressured families has been studied and we know that it is a situation of great powerlessness and has great effects on society when there is nowhere to turn to in the face of total helplessness.

So we decided to take action on the matter and propose people of good will and truly altruistic to join us in this commission that we impose on ourselves, we, the people who help the people.

We will show that YES, we can stop the beast that they have prepared to end the human species, and, personally, I don't know why yet, using sanitary system as the labor that ends lives and leaves more sick and dead every day.

It has already been discovered that toxic inoculation is composed of 90% graphene that acts as an agent that responds to 5G radiation, deteriorating our entire immune system and tissues.

The process of being chosen will go through a very fast path of election, we will look for all the evidence that shows the need and the payment will be made directly to the laboratories, hospitals or health personnel who perform the analysis work, here you will not see a place of fraud of any kind, and in the event that this is the case, it will be prosecuted with the full force of the available law.

We will use a payment method, both to receive contributions and to make payments.

It will be done in cryptocurrencies, in this case Bitcoin.

It is already a globally established currency. The transfer cost is almost negligible and the funds arrive in minutes.

Who qualify for this program?


What do we need?

In each town or city of each country, today there are already people who know about Bitcoin and how to create wallets to receive or send these funds, we look for patriots to help us as much as possible, helping the beneficiaries to take out wallets in companies established for this activity.

We will be warning not to enter any cryptocurrency trading or network due to the scams of those who form those companies or networks and all they do is steal the money, here it is simple, the wallets are personal and they do not need to associate with anyone to make purchases of Bitcoin or transfer.

We will be reporting common examples of the wallet creation process and how to transfer funds to other wallets as well.

Online system,

The site in which part of this explanation will be exposed here will have a system to control the funds contributed and the funds assigned with rigorous detail. It will be present Bitcoin and dollars values, whose value will be at the time the page is opened and will be updated as it changes during the visiting session.

This site will be in all possible languages, because the cause is global.

Only those who contributed relief funds will have access to view transaction details.

The money flow control platform is currently under development.

It will be necessary for good men and women to understand that a minimum contribution is expected of everyone who can, we are many and we can help.

These operations will be audited at all times Personally, I, H├ęctor Gonzalo, who will not be involved in the receipt of funds or their transfer, will be the wildest auditor that can be found on the road.

The intentions are clear, we will do what others are not doing.

Here there is no place for personal interests, neither political parties nor medical groups nor lawyers of any kind, all the intentions are to give a way of help for those who are cornered and cannot obtain a solution by another way.

On behalf of the group of patriots starting a just cause salutes you

Hector Gonzalo

Intentions to participate form

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